District Heating / Cooling

Heated water can be transported over many kilometers without significant energy losses with the help of district heating pipelines. District heating is thus a key technology for the central, environmentally friendly supply of heating energy to residential buildings.

We at ms con-cept see ourselves as a service and all-around system partner to the district heating industry. We supply you with all the preliminary products made of steel required for the manufacture of insulated pipes and components: from welded and seamless pipes, through standard pipe bends to individually manufactured pipe fittings.


We are very familiar with the special demands on products and services that make this industry so special:

  • EN253, EN 448 product specifications
  • Special tolerances: length, diameter, wall thickness
  • Tube bends with extended sides
  • Complete package offers (Pipes, Fittings, etc.)
  • Customized stock holding
  • Customized marking


We are a member of
the FFI, institute for research on district heating