Service Range of ms consulting

The history of the company has led to the development of two business units that operate independently of each other but benefit greatly from their synergies. The ms consulting division, which specializes in advising on global sales solutions, is part of ms con-cept GmbH, based in Lübeck, Germany. For us, global means the necessary consideration of the whole. These include our individually mentioned services. Our range of services is characterized by the close connection of sales consulting and practice-oriented sales in day-today business.


Our service for you!

We care for your products, markets, goals and ideas. Our service acts as a competent partner for you. We guarantee longtime expertise, an international network and client-oriented activities. Your success and your satisfaction is what we want. Everything is about you.

Sales Operation

What is the current distribution situation in your company?
Do you want to change something and are you looking for a partner to carry out your ideas with?

If you have developed a new product or want to increase distribution of certain products in well-known or new markets, we would like to assist you in launching your product or in professional operative sales.
To launch and establish an existing product in a new market can be difficult to be done with the own company’s sales team. If necessary we take over the sales operation in the new market.

You want to outsource a sector of your company?
In certain situations it can be strategically advisable to outsource sales sectors to pool strengths. ms consulting assist you with this process and with sales operations in this area.

Sales Consulting

Analyzing one’s own sales strength and sales process creates the basis to work professionally. It is not until those parameters are identified that one can begin to align strategically. Our consultation applies to:

  • Analysis of the current sales structure and reorganization in your company
  • Identification of the sales potential in your company
  • Development of a competitive sales strategy
  • Development of client-oriented sales concepts
  • Entering new markets
  • Building structured distribution networks
  • Presentation and implementation of optimized sales processes
  • Development and implementation of marketing concepts
  • Implementation and controlling of local sales agents
  • Sales outsourcing
  • Sales controlling
  • Optimization of your inhouse sales process
  • Increasing the sales skills of your employees
Technical Development

New technology, new techniques – the progress of possibilities related to technological development is enormous. In times of globalization, the impression arises that technological innovations are reaching the markets even faster than they did some years ago.

The technological development of products in a company is necessary to be able to persist in business under the ever-growing pressure. The product development is a central element in aligning the company. The aim is launching a new or improved product.

Our engineers are glad to give you advice regarding analysis and feasibility of new innovative products

Market Analysis

Implementing a strategy successfully requires a broad knowledge of markets, products and competitors. We assist you in evaluating those sectors with the following key aspects

  • Market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Product comparison analysis

Each provided analysis and strategy is individually created for you and tailored to your situation and plans.


The basis to be selling successfully is to have a good product in the range. The important thing is to place the product with the customers. For this to succeed, you need a marketing concept fitting your company and products. We would like to assist you in developing and implementing those measures.

go global°

In the course of globalization, companies are offered a wide range of possibilities to market their products. Decreasing costs for transport and communication and the spread of global transport and communication networks have made possible new production, marketing and selling strategies and global exchange.

go global° offers your company this chance, too. We will walk this path together with you.